Slightly awkward exchange in a department store yesterday trying to get a sample of new foundation from a counter. I’d already been sent a full bottle from the press office but it was the wrong colour so rather than waste more product by trying to guess again, I’d thought I’d get an exact match and sample pot. 
So, I asked the MUA for a sample, explaining that I’d already got a sample that was the wrong colour from the press office. I thought I’d made it really clear in a non-offensive and non-pushy way that I was press (which never goes down well at make-up counters anyway but I just needed her to know that I’d had a shade and it was wrong). However, something went missing in the conversation and it all got really embarrassing as she colour matched me. I wasn’t an exact match to any shade. I suggested taking away the nearest shade and the one slightly darker as samples to blend together. 
MUA: No, you cannot. They are worth £5 each and you can only have one.”
ME: “But if I don’t have an exact match then surely if I end up buying two that’s better.”
MUA: “No. Anyway, we don’t have any of that shade left.”
ME: “Okay, well if you can write down the code for the nearest match, I will ring the press office and ask them to send it to me.”
MUA: “You can’t just ring our head office and ask for samples. They won’t give them to you.”
ME: “It’s okay, I’m a beauty journalist, as I explained at the beginning.”
MUA: “You should just go to John Lewis.”
As the words ‘beauty journalist’ fell from my mouth they just sounded like a total lie, and I went bright red only making it look even more like the BS the MUA was certain I was talking. Excruciating. I ran to Fenwicks and picked up a sample there, but oh.

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