Hmm, this product that is launching in August is worrying me for two simple reasons. It is so cheap and I can’t find an ingredient listing. It’s £5.50. While its name uses the words Moroccan and Argan Oil, it was my impression that all Argan oil had to be bought through Fair Trade means. I did check this with the brand and ask whether it was bought through Fair Trade and the answer I got was that it was ‘sourced responsibly’. When I asked how much Argan oil it contains, there wasn’t an answer. I thought everything had to have ingredients listed, but on my box and bottle, I cannot find them anywhere.

Now, the Berber women, who form the co-operative that farms Argan oil, all take a precentage of the proceeds to build back into the community. There is just so much Argan oil in so many products, that I can’t help wondering why the Berbers aren’t all driving Mercedes… but that’s another matter (and no disrespect to the Berber women – you just have to wonder when there is so much Argan oil being filtered into products as a hot ingredient, why they aren’t rich). Back to Avon Moroccan Argan oil.. I just genuinely think that there can be very little ‘responsibly sourced’ Argan oil in it.. otherwise it wouldn’t be £5.50. Argan costs more than that, even in bulk..and if there is a negligable amount in the product, why mislead by calling it Moroccan Argan oil, as thought the bottle is full of it? I had this issue with a hair brand whose product was called Argan Oil From Morrocco or some such thing and when you looked at the ingredient listing, the amount of actual Argan oil was so small it would have no effect on your hair whether it was in the overall product or not. It’s not fair to the consumer, in my view.

So, I’ll just put the questions out there again.. is the Avon Advanced Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil Leave In Treatment using fairly traded Argan oil and what is the proportion of Argan oil in the product? Please. 

NB: Some days later I discover that the ingredients list is on the bottom of the box thanks to a tweet from @beautie. Honestly.. I’m an idiot but didn’t think to look. However, it reveals that the Argan oil appears 13th on the ingredient listing. Checking with a scientist and beauty formulator friend, this means it could be as little as 1% of the make-up of the product, which makes the title of the product so unbelievably misleading that I despair.

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