[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I love Japanese skin care brands – Athletia is new to me but this room fragrance is a wonderful introduction because it is divine. It’s called At The Top and is possibly the freshest thing you’ll ever smell.

Athletia Switching Aroma Room Mist

I wish I could press a button and send you spritz to your iPads or phones! I like to use a room spray before yoga so I want something mind clearing and mood setting to get into the zone. It’s sparkling and awakening – a blend of yuzu, mint and eucalyptus using natural essential oils to create a mind sharpening blend, although Selfridges suggests using it before bed which I am not sure I would. That said, olfactory memory works in such a way that not all supposedly soothing scents have the same effect on everyone (a good example is chamomile as discussed in comments yesterday which can have a stable or shed like smell and if you’re lying in bed reminded of cows, that’s not necessarily conducive to sleep). It might well be that a mint and eucalyptus shot is the thing that helps you to embrace relaxation and sleep. It’s each to their own and now I think about it, I think perhaps ‘sleep’ smells are just good marketing. Hmm.  Anyway, Athletia Switching Aroma Room Mist is a lovely discovery – quite pricy at £30 HERE  – but if you’re not a fan of scented candles, an easy and beautiful way to create a scented ambience without lighting a match.

Japanese Cleansing Cloud Yuzu & White Tea

Speaking of things Yuzu and Japanese inspired – I can hardly believe I’m writing this after the grand fanfare of the big goodbye to the clouds (which sold out in less than a day). But, there are a few more unexpectedly. Cutting a long and painful story short, we wondered if there was a missing box somewhere and it turned up between Christmas and New Year at Victoria Health with no delivery note (bearing in mind this is a white cleansing bar for Christmas, arriving afterwards is just.. well… ) and was only uncovered literally yesterday. There genuinely aren’t many and I know that some people missed out because they went so quickly before and Gill has very kindly popped them back up on her site (at the original ‘goodbye’ £8 price) HERE. It’s as much as surprise to us as anyone.

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