[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] It’s really quite difficult to recommend a 100ml SPF30 that costs £33 – it’s prohibitively priced for daily use all over the body but where it comes into its own is for sport. It’s designed specifically for on the go, for sweating and cooling and for skin comfort. The last thing you need is some greasy cream that only makes you feel hotter and more confined in your skin.

Athletia Skin Protection UV Body Mist Review

The formula is designed not to mix with water (aka your hard won sweat) which increases its longevity and durability with essential oils of peppermint, bergamot and lavender to give you a mid-run/work-out perk up. It’s actually cooling on the skin, momentarily, which is very pleasant and you can use it on your scalp to save yourself from parting burn.

Maybe the most impressive thing is how delicately it lands on the skin – you barely know its there and that’s next level SPF technology. You’ll see a light sheen without feeling oily and you don’t need to shake it up first. ‘Shake-free’ is a new beauty term for me! The price dictates that it’s a treat but that outdoor yoga workshop has never looked so tempting with a skin softening SPF that smells like the cool of a forest. You can find it HERE. Just time to give an honorable mention to the Skin Protection UV Gel SPF50 which is one of the lightest feeling facial SPFs thanks to the gel format. If you like Malin + Goetz’s SPF you will love this too.

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