Ashleigh & Burwood Escapology

Making me happy right now! The Ashleigh & Burwood Escapology Collection is just lovely – as soon as I opened the boxes I was smiling. I love fragranced candles – I’m a bit on-off with them; you always see a lot around Christmas time and then I go off them a bit (there’s only so much ‘spiced orange’ that any one person can take). But now I know I’m back on them with a vengeance!

Ashleigh & Burwood Escapology Collection

I’ve placed the ‘scent’ cards under each one, so the blue palms is Seychelles, and if that’s what the Seychelles smells like, book me a flight today (despite the fact that everyone says it’s packed with ultra-bored honeymooners who have had enough sex and snorkelling and would rather like to do something else instead). Seychelles is a blissful mix of ylang ylang and sweet coconut with a floral middle that lifts it a bit and saves it from being a very obvious ‘holiday’ scent. I suppose there is a bit of a sun cream scent to this which is why it instantly puts you in mind of a brilliant beach escape.

Koh Samui


Next, the pink is Koh Samui, which is a bit fresher – neroli and jasmine are predominant (to my nose) with the ylang ylang playing a lesser part, but a sprinkle of orange blossom has me rather addicted! It’s quite a warm, sexy smell (maybe send it to the honeymooners in the Seychelles!) and definitely perfect for sultry summer nights.

Finally, Madagascan Vanilla, a smoky vanilla scent with a hit of Jasmine that thankfully misses any foodie vanilla connotations. It’s warm and enveloping but exotic at the same time.

If you’re just warming up to a summery mood, I really wouldn’t hesitate with the Ashleigh & Burwood Escapology Collection. You’re not going to get a voluminous power shot of fragrance, but what you do get is a gentle drift that will have you browsing the holiday brochures and wondering if the elastic in your bikini will see you through just one more poolside lie down. They’re £17.99 each HERE.


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