There’s a little story about this brand. I signed up to a site called Blogger’s Hub a little while ago, out of curiosity more than anything. Their mailers begin with “Brands Are Waiting To Gift You”. Now, I thought that perhaps I could access brands from other countries which are much harder to source from the UK than anything that’s readily stocked here, and sure enough, after several of these emails (offering to gift anything from scarves and jewellery to cosmetics), I found Artonitmakeup. Which looks absolutely amazing – different, at least and certainly something we don’t have in the UK.

So, I ticked the ‘Gift Me’ box, which led to a form asking which products I’d like to be ‘gifted’, so I filled that out too, with my name, address and blog.

I got an email this morning from the brand, Artonitmakeup, saying they ‘gift’ 3 bloggers per month; “We will send your information to our marketing department. They will choose 3 bloggers a month to review our products. If you are selected an email requesting your shipping address will be sent by 1/28/2015. Wishing you all the luck!!!”

Which, I think you will agree, is a very different thing to the brand ‘waiting to gift’! So, now Blogger Hub has all my details and so does Artonitmakeup – god knows what mailing lists these will end up on. I think it’s pretty poor that a brand who only ever gives out 3 products to bloggers per month (no problem with that at all…and no problem with buying products either, if they’re accessible) goes out as a ‘brand waiting to gift’ in a mailer.

I feel like an idiot for not trusting my sixth sense on this one, and suggest that you avoid it like the plague.

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