[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] It’s about time that Aromatherapy Associates had a diffusion line – and here it is! Aroma Active is currently sold in Boots and is a different concept to AA (owned by Boots Walgreen Alliance) in that it combines aromatherapy and active ingredients in way that each compliments the other at an accessible price point. It has some very interesting products such as a chest rub and forehead balm to give it more lifestyle elements.

Aroma Active

Starting with said chest rub and forehead balm – both avoiding veering into Vicks or Tiger Balm territory by being cooling and aromatic. You will get a bit of menthol but the surrounding scents are more spa-like using palmarosa and mint (chest) and mint, eucalyptus and lemon (forehead). The forehead balm (£8) is fabulous – it kept a cool strip on my forehead for a long time and I found it nicely soothing. The chest rub is £10.

Aroma Active Labs

I don’t have any complaints really about either of these – the Sleep Mist, £10 and the SOS Stomach Massage Oil, £12 which is packaged to contain three roller points so you can massage away (warm it first!) any soreness. With chamomile and cica as the active ingredients and Peppermint, Palmarosa & Lemon as the aromatherapy element, it’s soothing and pleasant. The Sleep Mist is Lavandin, Valerian, Ylang Ylang & Buddhawood and a good pillow spritz if you like to use them.

Aroma Active

Surprisingly, the least exciting is the Soothing Body & Face Cleanser which is pleasant but not exceptional and I’ve been making good use of the Muscle Recovery Soak, £15 (yoga!) although it’s more dilute than its more expensive counterparts. I think I could say that you would like them well enough but not necessarily rave about them.

Aroma Active

At £15, this is a decent, if basic, facial oil with the same aromatherapy oils as the sleep mist so a good combination for night time – plankton extract, lupin extract (helpful for collagen) in a jojoba base. All the products are fragranced so if essential oils don’t suit your skin, it’s not one for you. There are a lot of products – it’s an energised collection with personality and points of difference that make it very different from Aromatherapy Associates. It isn’t that level of impact, but it isn’t that price point either and they don’t feel enough the same that you’d compare. Everything is currently on a 3 for 2 HERE, non affiliate HERE.


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