For a few months now, I’ve been getting a lot of comments that basically say, ‘Hi, I’ve just started a new blog – check it out’ and then there is a link through to their blog. I find these incredibly annoying when the commenter can’t actually even be bothered to make the merest effort at commenting on the actual post, or it’s dressed with the barest minimum, such as ‘fab post’ etc. I just end up feeling, ‘why should I’? But, it is very difficult for new bloggers to find a place in what is becoming a crowded marketplace – what can they do to promote their blogs?

I will always publish comments that have a link to a new blog, provided that the comments are relevant to the post because the way of beauty bloggers has always been to be supportive of others. How do other bloggers deal with newbie self-promotion? I’d love to know so that we can provide a better guide on how they can get started and join in.

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