Aqua Manda Reborn
Aqua Manda Reborn

This news is going to genuinely bring great joy to the thousands of people who search for Aqua Manda fragrance on-line every year. It’s one of those retro fragrances that holds so many memories for people that they’d give anything to capture the scent again. There are Facebook pages and web-sites dedicated entirely to bringing back the Aqua Manda.

If you’ve never heard of Aqua Manda, then you’re clearly far too young! It was developed in 1947 but only really gained a cult following in the 70’s. In fact, Aqua Manda was the scent of the 70’s. You could buy it in independent chemists and also department stores, and anyone who lived through this era would instantly recognise the distinctive amber bottle and vibrant labelling.

Late last year, a couple of London based guys who run a successful distribution company – Bob and Neal – discovered that they could buy the trademark for Aqua Manda (it had been discontinued in 1975 by ICI who bought it from Goya leaving the Aqua Manda trademark not owned by anyone). So they snapped it up, and have set about faithfully recreating the original orange and oriental scent (with help from Christopher Collins, the son of Douglas who created Aqua Manda in the beginning). As I type, the original formula that was sent in an unopened bottle is being lab-tested so that it can be made identical – or as near to identical as it can possibly be. It’s all down to the skill of the noses to reproduce effectively. You’ll notice that the label now says London – originally it said Goya.

We’re looking at this going on shelves – if all goes to plan – by mid-summer this year. I actually think my mum had some Aqua Manda talc.. I might ask her if she still has it (she is a terrible talc hoarder).


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