Antonia Burrell Biotech Elixir Serum Supreme

I find little lab samples like this absolutely delightful – there’s something Alice In Wonderland about them, especially when they come as beautifully presented as this one has. Other than an intitial try out, I haven’t done any long-term tests on the Antonia Burrell Biotech Elixir Serum Supreme (it’s promising a LOT) but as it doesn’t launch til February, I have plenty of time.

The product that really made me take note of Antonia Burrell was her Mask Supreme (clearly selling like hot cakes because I can’t find anyone with it still in stock!) that is a transformational mask (use it in the morning.. don’t waste this expensive product on sleep!) for immediately more glowy and dewy skin. So, from that base point, it stands to reason that other products in the range will also deliver.

I was going to do a run down of what’s in Antonia Burrell Biotech Elixir Serum Supreme and what each ingredient does, but the list is so long – it’s the ‘everything elixir’, so instead I’ve picked out some key ingredients: lilac leaf stem cells, pomegranate and orange blossom peptides, squalene, safflower oleosomes and amaranth seed oil. What the product claims to tackle is antioxidant skin conditioning, smoothing, moisture retention, increasing collagen synthesis, accelerates skin barrier repair, reduces redness, inhibits pigment – the list goes on and on.

One of my big questions to the beauty industry in general is why products are so targeted – why is it impossible to have one product that targets everything? The answer is simple – if ‘issues’ are broken down into separate products, then you buy more of them, because nobody has just one issue, right? Antonia Burrell is a tiny brand – there’s no real reason (assuming that she doesn’t want to become the next L’Oreal) not to put all your best work into one product and just make it a super-seller. I will, of course, put my little Alice sized pot to the test, but I think it would take longer term use to see any real impact.

But, as ever, lovely to have a sneaky look at what’s going to be on our radar next year. The Antonia Burrell website is HERE.

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