The Benefit Mascarathon kicks off very soon on 15th of June, but there is still time to make a donation with all proceeds going to Refuge, the charity for women who have been subjected to domestic violence.

There’s something about the word ‘domestic’ that somehow takes the sting out of ‘violence’; that makes it less serious somehow.. that couldn’t be further from the truth. Often, women will put up with an incredible amount of beating, torturing and abuse just to protect their children or because they simply have nowhere else to go. Refuge is a blessing beyond all blessing to those women. Just because it is a spouse or a partner doing the beating doesn’t make it hurt any the less.

I have a friend whose partner routinely wakes her up in the night by standing over her and shining a torch in her face. Does it hurt? No. Does it scare the hell out of her? Yes. It’s a form of bullying and control that she knows is the very beginning of something far more sinister and she is getting the hell out of there. But for some women, getting out isn’t an option without an organisation like Refuge.

So come on, click the link in my sidebar and donate just a couple of pounds – there are lots of runners, lots of free Benefit goodies at city locations (see the link for locations) and so much enthusiasm from celebrities like Caroline Flack (above) that donating a little bit of cash is a wonderful way to say no, violence, bullying and verbal abuse is not at all okay. Not at all. 


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