Andrew Gallimore : Rankin

This book, featuring the creative work of make-up artist, Andrew Gallimore, with photographs by Rankin, is one for beauty lovers to pour over.

You might not have heard of Andrew, but he’s a protige of Sharon Dowsett, who you probably will know (and here’s a very good example of just how much established make-up artists are committed to nurturing new talent – I’d site nail artist, Marian Newman in that camp, too) for her work with L’Oreal amongst others.

Andrew Gallimore by Rankin
Andrew Gallimore by Rankin

I think just from the very few visuals that I have that you can see how symbiotic the work of a make-up artist and a photographer can be. It’s often the case that as beauty writers, we’re exposed to make-up artists in a context that doesn’t necessarily show their true skills. It’s all very well showing us how the spring pink lipstick should be worn, but when you realise the artist actually can create beauty magic, as above, maybe there should be a little more creativity in how we are shown their skills.

Jobbing make-up artists rarely get to showcase their true talent – they’re assigned a job and it could be anything from showing journalists how to create a smoky eye to an edgy editorial in a magazine, but usually it’s under direction and creative license isn’t always welcome.

The Andrew Gallimore by Rankin book gives full reign to creativity. I know I’ve met Andrew – I can’t for the life of me remember where (Dior, maybe?) and to my shame I didn’t realise the breadth of his work, and I can distinctly remember the PR being surprised that I wasn’t bowled over to be in his presence! But, I hadn’t heard of him (HOW!!), so basically, wasn’t!

Anyway, if you’re the kind of beauty lover that adores the artistry of make-up, then this will be one happy afternoon spent pouring through pictures that will blow your mind. You can find it for £30 HERE.

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