If I could change the name of this e-book I really, really would! As you know, I never think that anyone should be made to feel they ought to look younger than they really are, but I can’t get around the fact that if I ever post on non-surgicals I do get lots of questions via email (and pictures too sometimes!). So, The Secrets of Non-Surgical Anti-Ageing e-book is more of a factual read on a number of non-surgical procedures, explaining what they do, why you might consider them, what happens and how much they should cost.

It’s written by Patrick Bowler, medical director of Courthouse (where I have gone for years to try out procedures, initially as a journalist when I was writing for print, and now because I’m curious) and Tricia Welsh who is a very experienced beauty writer. I have known Patrick for many years and would probably trust him with my life, never mind a Botox needle!

There’s definitely a slant on younger is better which isn’t my personal view, but it’s not pushy or persuasive.. more all the questions you ever wanted to ask but had nobody to actually ask! Unless you have friends who have procedures there really isn’t anyone that can give you an honest answer (I will!) and being armed with knowledge is a crucial thing to help you make your decisions. Please remember though that non-surgicals such as Botox or filler can polarise opinion but ultimately, how you choose to wear your face is nobody’s business but yours, and that’s whether you do or whether you don’t use non-surgicals.

My view is that if you’re in a situation where you feel pressured to look younger, look at the situation before you rush to a needle. There are no rights and wrongs in treatments, creams, facials or non-surgicals; it’s got to be about what suits you for where you are in your life right now.

The Secrets of Non-Surgical Anti-Ageing e-book is £4.99 HERE. 


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