AHA Body Lotions

Bearing in mind how many billions of body lotions there are in the world, I’m surprised that it’s so difficult to find them with AHA. AHAs (alphy hydroxy acids) work by exfoliating the skin enzymatically rather than physically so you won’t feel any grainy bits as you would in an exfoliator. Basically, an AHA body lotion is doing two jobs and if your skin isn’t naturally smooth, you will absolutely notice a difference in texture after a short while, especially on bumpy or KP prone skin.

As you can see, I’ve ploughed my way through plenty of the Exuviance Retexturising Treatment. Because I take a skin supplement, I don’t need to moisturise my body daily – it’s preference – but my goodness, I do notice a difference in the smoothness, particularly on my arms and legs. In summer, I like my skin to look as smooth as possible, particularly on my arms (it’s not like I’m skipping about in a strappy playsuit!) and I do feel that an AHA body lotion makes all the difference. However, a warning: AHAs can make your skin a little more sun sensitive, so they’re great for a pre-holiday smoother, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re heading to the beach. It’s more a holiday prep than an ‘on holiday’ item.

So, I’m just doing a quick flag up of my favourites, although my first introduction to an AHA body cream was Gatineau AHA Body Lotion (on a special on QVC right now – £40 for two 400ml which is extremely good value HERE) which uses fruit acids. Next is Elizabeth Arden Pro Revitalizing Body Lotion that uses Lactic Acid (15%) alongside antioxidants – it’s extremely hydrating so good for very dry or rough skin.  It’s £24 HERE. Exuviance is £32.95 HERE  and uses 5% Glycolic Acid and 5% Gluconolactone/Lactobionic Acid and in my view, the most powerful, while Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion uses Lactic Acid and is £14.50 HERE. It’s the best value in my opinion (you can find it in M&S Beauty if you don’t want to shop on line).

M&S Non Aff is HERE.

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