Basically, if Shabir Daya speaks, I listen! He is the pharmacist at and has helped me out on many occasions recommending health products that have really made a difference. His feature on adult acne is the best I’ve ever read (and no, this post is not sponsored ;-)) and if you do suffer from acne, then it could well turn out to be a life-changing read. I get lots of emails from BBB readers, young and old, whose lives are just made a misery by acne so while I’m not a sufferer myself thankfully, I understand the emotional impact and that to be free of it is quite literally a new start in terms of confidence and happiness. Shabir lays out the common causes and gives properly helpful recommendations..anyway, read it here:

One thing to remember; acne is one of the most commonly searched Google topics (after sex!) so if you do have it, you certainly aren’t on your own.

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