I found out something yesterday that shocked me about just how sneaky brands can be with their social media campaigns. I’d asked a brand if they were interested in taking an ad on my site (yes, the worst part of trying to make a blog a pro-blog and I hate doing it). It’s a product that they are very keen for me to blog about and promote (it’s actually a great product otherwise I wouldn’t even be considering it as a promo) and recommend to BBB readers – you know, that very beauty specific audience that every single beauty brand wants a piece of (they should be so lucky). Anyway, they didn’t want to take an ad space which is absolutely fine and their perogative entirely, but the reason they didn’t want to take an ad is because they consider themselves to be already advertising on my site via GoogleAds. As everyone knows this is the cheapest form of advertising known to man and it is great for bringing a little bit extra.. with little bit being the operative words. To give you an idea, my total earnings for June is £4.33 and that is with Google Analytics recording a page view rate of over a quarter of a million.

So, if what I think is happening.. that marketing/ad departments are saying they have presence on my blog, I can tell you here and now that via my GoogleAd box there were 15 clicks. That’s all. For the whole of June. So, please do not mislead your brands or manipulate your internal stats by saying you have ad presence on my blog when actually, unless you take out a proper ad, nobody is looking. 

Anyway, the brand in question.. as soon as I find out their ad server, I’m blocking them from GoogleAds entirely and financially that will lose me about 50p. They won’t then be able to claim that they have ad presence on my blog and dismiss out of hand any other form of advertising that would help to continue to make full-time blogs viable because they think they have a very cheap and underhand box ticked. You haven’t. 

PS: I have now removed Adsense completely, so I’m back in control of what and who is on my page.  

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