With posts about Adonia Leg Tone Serum among the most commented-on items on this blog, and the majority of comments revealing problems in receiving the product, it’s looking more and more like you should leave it well alone. There are mixed reviews of the actual serum – some saying it’s ok, others saying it hasn’t done a thing for their cellulite. I have a bottle here – I’ve used it for the quick 3-application 9 minute fix and found it really didn’t have any major results. It tightens the skin, which for mild cellulite might give it the appearance of looking marginally better, but doesn’t give results that could be called astonishing. You have to really consider whether you want to get rid of ‘the appearance’ of cellulite, or get rid of the actual cellulite itself. Reading between the lines, their website is peppered with references to ‘the appearance’ of cellulite. Each bottle contains enough serum, apparantly, for 105 applications, but if you want to do the 3 application/9 minute result thing, then it’s really not going to last very long. It’s approximately £59, which I consider expensive. Every single web-site, magazine and blog that covers cellulite will tell you that a combination of the right diet and exercise are the two things that will have the most effect on cellulite, tackling the root cause rather than the ‘appearance’. Top this up with some effective draining salon treatments and you will have far more success. If you want to add a skin tightening formula on top, then that’s up to you, but there are few creams that make cellulite disappear. I say ‘few’ because I have used Sisley Celluli-Pro (also pricy) on my mild cellulite and it did give the smoothest, bump free skin I’ve ever had on my legs and bum. Adonia is a good example of clever wording, and in beauty, you should always be on the look out for smoke screen claims such as ‘reducing the appearance of’ rather than claiming to cure or tackle the root cause.

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