Grace Smoke Beauty Bag

I don’t mind that I’m not a rigorously tidy person. I’m not chaotic, but my bar is low when it comes to keeping things in a meticulous manner. When I think about my friends, we divide quite evenly into tidy and messy – or organized and disorganized. The messy amongst us always want to be more tidy, while the none of the tidies want to be more messy! While there’s plenty of research on how tidies are more likely to be bosses, and messies are more likely to be creative, there’s nothing on how we divide as a nation. Are there more messy people than tidy people? I need to know!

Messy doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things but there are some times when being more organized is genuinely helpful. Few people have a big bathroom these days, so having a place for our beauty stash in limited space makes all of the difference – particularly when you’re rushing in the morning. Travel is a time when I make a big effort to have all my products in good order – I just don’t want to be that person throwing away my favourite moisturisers at the airport because I didn’t get it together enough to decant.

Victoria Green Beauty Traveller Bags

Over at Victoria Green, tidy is what they do best. In fact, they’re so good at tidy that Marks & Spencer has just picked up their line of wash bags and beauty cases. For those of us lacking the tidy gene or without the enviable packing skills that we can see on Instagram, they’re exactly what we need.

Grace Smoke Geometric Beauty Bag

Drilling down to the attention to detail – it’s things like detachable extras so you can have a smaller, clear bag for going through security with your flight essentials inside that then clips back to the body of the bag so everything is kept together once you’ve landed. The options of a removable tray so you can have a top and bottom layer (in my head, it’s top layer for make up and bottom layer for bottles and jars) and the fact that the whole bag folds flat so you can pack more easily. It’s the things you didn’t know you needed that make all of the difference.

Grace Smoke Geometric Beauty Bag

Now, are you a hanger or a rester? I’m a rester, but if you’re a hanger, that’s covered too. You can allow the Grace Smoke Geometric Beauty Bag to open out to hang on the back of the bathroom door so you can see absolutely everything and exactly where it is.

You know in a hotel when they don’t give you any room to get your make up and cleansers out by the sink? That problem is gone with this 3-in-1 system. Grace folds flat or hangs (other bags in the range have a designated hook), has transparent pockets (ear-rings!) and is waterproof – you can (if you check with your airline) pull out the transparent bag and use it as your in-flight bag.

For day to day transportation, I love the Lucy Smoke (below) in a slim-line format that also – if you need it to – folds out flat and is also waterproof (they all are – of course!) to catch spills. The big benefit here is that it fits long size palettes and make up brushes.  If you’re not such a make up lightweight, you might want to look at the 3-In-1 Amy Sage Floral – three bags that clip together to become one, or two or all separate. One of them is completely transparent so that’s your check-in bag and it might be all you need for your whole trip. It’s really just as you like and depends on just how much you need to take with you on any given day.

Lucy Smoke Beauty Case

And that’s the whole point of a brand that takes the effort out of organization – they’ve second guessed the minds of the messy and satisfied the needs of the tidy in one neat, stylish collection. The brand has quizzed hundreds of travellers – they’ve done immaculate research into the packing habits of the muddled, the meticulous and everyone in between, turning what they’ve learned into what we need. No wonder M&S is all over this range. If you want to take a look, you’ll find everything HERE with prices starting at £20.

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