We’re about to hit 2020 and how things have changed in beauty world over the past twenty years! Who could have predicted the unprecedented rise in beauty – did anyone? I can’t think that they did. I worked a little on this report with Superdrug which I’m linking you to because it’s a fascinating insight into the consumer-retailer relationship and what goes on behind the scenes.

First up, the most impactful thing that Superdrug has done is to bring diversity in beauty into the mainstream, so that it’s no longer diverse but a welcomed part of the beauty industry. If a brand has less than 20 shades of foundation, it won’t find space on their shelves. They wrote to all their suppliers stressing to them that inclusive offerings need to part of everyday business and not considered ‘diverse’. Here’s where you can see retailer power working really well for customers and you can see the proof of it in Superdrug haircare aisles for Kinks, Coils and Curls.

Fascinating to me is who buys what and where. Number one location for fake tan buyers? Glasgow. For hair removal it’s Edinburgh and for lashes, it’s Liverpool. Could you have guessed that taking it for tooth whitening is Eniskillen?The report features powerful views from Instagram industry disruptor @esteelaundry, journalist Sali Hughes, YouTuber Chanel Ambrose and me 😊 as well as in-house experts at Superdrug.

I’m so surprised to see a blast from the past making a popularity resurgence – crimpers! Who would have thought? Alongside the 80’s hair scruncher, other revivals are bar soaps (always a fan) and stick-on nails. But, what sells best at Superdrug? Products that have never lost their popularity are Vaseline lip balms, Nivea cream, Sudocreme, Chapstick and Frizzease that still fly off the shelves. Superdrug’s own range best sellers are Optimum Retinol Cream, Artiscent fragrances and Light & Natural Cheek Tint from B. Those three tell a story of their own in terms of trends – more focus on skin ingredients, artisan-style fragrances and less-is-more make up.

What lies in the future? Patents are already out on tablets to prevent grey hair, scientists are working on shockwave tattoo removal and will we see DNA testing at cosmetic counters to find the perfect skin care for your complexion. It seems so. If you’re interested in the beauty industry, even in a small way, I think you’ll enjoy the Superdrug New Millennium Beauty Report that offers so many insights into how we were, how we are now and how we may be. Find it HERE and I’ll drop a bit of exclusive news before you go – Superdrug’s vegan B. Make Up range is bringing out foundation next year with 24 shades.



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