I’m really quite excited to get my hands on the latest gadget from Slendertone – Slendertone Face, designed to tone the muscles and give you a kind of ‘lift’. I met up with the PR’s today and tried the headset on (in the middle of a bar!). It feels so strange – the paddles sit just below the cheek bones where a major facial muscle (the Zygomatic Major!!) lies. Sure enough, once the device was switched on I could feel the smaller muscles jumping around – a sure sign, I’m told, that it was working as it should be and these contractions were what would eventually lead to visible anti-ageing results. By the time this product launches, in September, I’ll have used it often enough – five times a week for 20 minutes is recommended – to say whether it delivered or not. There’s apparantly a wait-list already (www.slendertone.com/face.aspx) and it’s going into Harrods for 4 months before it launches elsewhere. Slendertone Face is not by any means cheap, at £299.99, but if it gives enough firming and toning power, it could be one of the best investments you ever made as you can abolish ‘firming’ creams and serums (which in themselves can be very, very pricy). I just have a feeling that this one could be a winner, unlike other silly anti-ageing gadgets that don’t appear to work and are a complete waste of money.

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