Sweet Love Colombe by Passionata
Sweet Love Colombe by Passionata

I posted last year that I was sure something had gone really wrong with bra-sizing; I have been wrangled into everything from a B to D cup. Pretty much all I want from a bra is support and tidiness; I don’t want or need mega-tits encased in some weighty silicone padding. I don’t want to be pushed up, balconied or ‘enhanced’. I don’t want a cleavage you could park a bike in and I don’t want to ever, ever wear one of those technically upholstered constructions again. As soon as one breast goes in, half the back fat is bunched and overhanging over the sides. At least, I think it’s from the back.. it certainly doesn’t even exist at all til I put a bra on. I am certain that bra-fitters like to fit you tight so all the benefit goes into the breast but none to the surrounding areas. I guess that’s what they are there to do but if you can’t breath in your bra, something’s amiss.

What I do want is a non-upholdstered bra, or at least, minimal foam, with a natural look so my own shape is there – if you can see my nipple outline then so be it. It’s not like it’s a secret that I have any. I like this set from Passionata because it bridges both worlds – gives a nice form with slim-foam cups but also a natural shape and it’s very simple – no leather laces or tassles. Mind you, I think you would have to be pretty cold to get any nipple.

I’m sparing you the images of the impossibly lovely Bar Raffael who’s immaculately slender frame makes me wonder why I bother at all ;-).




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