Okay, so who knew that beauty brands actually pay to be used at fashion shows?  It’s one of those insidery things that doesn’t get discussed much, but make-up brands seen on the cat-walk have very often paid to be there.

Burberry Brush
Burberry Brush

I’m using the Burberry brush as illustration but they’re one of the brands that obviously don’t pay to be at their own show!

It’s more the high street brands that don’t have a fashion arm that will put down vast sums in order to be used. Ironically, unless they are the main brand (i.e. sponsoring hard) other beauty brands can’t use the London Fashion Week logo or wording in any press materials – they have to say ‘backstage’ or ‘on the catwalk at..’, without ever saying the words LFW!

I know that it’s getting out of hand – a lot of brands just don’t want to do it any more – it’s a phenomenal expense for a start – but whenever anyone has tried to put a stop to it, other brands have just come in and seized the moment. And, it’s not just a quick chat with the designers; this actually goes to a bidding war in some cases and the wealthiest beauty brands are the ones that usually win.

So, what do you think? Is it okay for bidding wars to make consumers think that particular brand is so cool and desirable that a designer had to have it for his/her catwalk show? Or doesn’t it matter?


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