Body Shop Fig

We have lots of surprises coming from The Body Shop in the next few months – it certainly looks as though they’re trying to get away from the strawberry bubble bath image (they better not kill tangerine). July sees the first phase of a new direction and repackage and kicks off with the fig fragrance above. When brands suddenly get delusions of fragrance (by that I mean, super complicated, famous nose, poetic press releases etc) they’re awfully pleased with it, but the consumer is left a bit baffled. I’m happy to say that The Body Shop has stuck to its concept of things smelling exactly of what it says on the bottle so you get what you think you’re going to get and not a fancied up version with Italian Summer Fig. Many a fig fragrance has been ruined by too many notes that means your nose has to really struggle to get to the fruit. This is simple, very fresh, very figgy, and very pretty. With a line up of at least four other fragrances to come, it’s a fabulous start.

Oils of The World
Spa of The World

I feel a little less sure of the Spa of The World collection – don’t get me wrong; the products are beautiful (I’m already hooked on the Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil) and very indulgent (not, however, even going there with a Clay Body Mask – the mess!) but I don’t know – I think they look a bit apologetic. If you realise the Monoi oil, in particular, is bursting with the most lovely summery scent, there’s nothing at all about the packaging to indicate that. Shove a flower on it or something! I’ve yet to see the full range, so I’m holding judgement entirely until I do, but so far, I’m just thinking, brown? Really?

The Spa of The World collections launch in August, with plenty more to play out over the rest of the year and beyond, so I think it will be as interesting for the consumer to see the changes as it is for the rest of us.

I should mention that in keeping with the Body Shop fair trade philosophy, many of the new products are reaching fair trade industries that they haven’t previously, so it’s all to the good that more ethically sourced ingredients are heading our way.


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