“So, hey, I bought a new face cream and it’s SELF-SMOOTHING!”

“Wow – that sounds incredible.”

“But, better than that.. it’s DE-TIRING.”

“Is de-tiring a word?”

“Yes, yes it is. It means to de-tire.”

“Can you put it in a sentence for me?”

“Sure. ‘I have de-tired my bicycle.’”

“So, it has no tires?”


“Wow. About the ‘self-smoothing’?”

“Yep, I know. Awesome, right? It literally smooths itself.”

“Like a self-iron shirt?”

“Exactly! Or a self-baking cake or a self-knitting sweater.”

“This is beauty technology I never expected.”

“Right. It’s almost like it can’t be true – that’s actually how awesome it is.”

“So, I need to get back to work…. “

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