72 Hair Care
72 Hair Care

As you can see, my samples of 72 Hair Care aren’t yet in their final packaging, but for anyone interested in keratin treatments, this is a range that should awaken your interest, despite the poor clothing the products are in! The thing with keratin treatments is that you don’t realise just how great they are til they wear off and you’re left wrangling knots and tangles all over again. 72 Hair Care uses a protein and amino acid ‘smoothing gel’ to create a 12 week frizz free look. I haven’t had the salon treatment – I wanted to put the at-home products to the test instead.

I did an extra tough test on this one by taking it to my hairdresser and asking her to use the shampoo, conditioner and mask on my hair to get a professional angle on the products. Now, nobody can get shine on your hair like a hairdresser, but even given that, she was really impressed with it – her comment was, ‘you get shine all the way down your hair’. That’s not something I probably would notice at home… if you see shine on your crown, I think you just assume that it continues to the ends, but in fact, it very often doesn’t. This will be more obvious if you have long hair, I guess, but on my mid-length hair – I don’t think I considered shiny ends before! I’ve replicated the same treatment at home, and it does leave my hair super-super shiny – there’s just no doubt. The other advantage is that my hair feels much smoother than usual so no knotty fights in the morning.

72 Hair Care is really new – not even launched yet, but do keep an eye out for it. If you don’t want the full smoothing gel in salon treatment, then I’d highly recommend the Intense Replenishing Mask. Actually, another bonus on this is that I felt that it really boosted the colour depth of my home dye.

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