[unpaid/samples] Now we’ve all established that it’s pronounced Mina, it’s time to look at their new(ish) skin care offering – another collection that I’ve had for a while but not written up. Sometimes it’s better to have time with things. Unlike the Givenchy luxury collection yesterday, these price points are more accessible and in general, I’d say the range is targeted to younger skin.

Starting with the littlest bottle – it’s a bi-phase eye and lip make up remover and I always like to have one of those at hand to get rid of the mascara or stainy lipsticks that don’t completely go using other cleansers. It’s great – it works exactly as it should without being a particularly sophisticated formula. There’s some Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel and Rose Water but otherwise, it’s just good at its job. At £12.95, I think it’s a decent buy. The next in line in the taller blue bottle is the The Blue Gel Cleanser (£16.95) which you apply to wet skin to cleanse the complexion. It’s not a make-up remover as such, and if you like a double cleanse, use it after the the Yellow Oil Cleanser, £19.95 (yellow bottle) which will take off make-up. Yellow Oil uses sunflower seed, sweet almond, rice brand and avocado oils and again – it does a good job with a basic formula. It’s light and feels nourishing. They all contain fragrance but I find it very light.

3INA Skin Care

In each pack you get a set of stickers which I thought was unnecessary and then I was sticking my stickers on and loving it. So, I stopped being boring about it and thoroughly enjoyed the addition. I’d happily give any of this to younger friends who are starting their skin care journey but recognise it’s not for me (although I’ll keep the bi-phase). You can find the collection HERE, non affiliate HERE.



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