Beauty+ writer, Genevieve, shares her experiences of loving her age but battling her lids! “I’m glad to say that I’m happy with how I look.  My hair is still thick, skin is still fairly plump (more on that another time) and I am lucky enough not to have too many wrinkles. However, one thing that seems to be unstoppable hitting the 50+ mark is that my eyelids are slowly disappearing!  I think this problem is hereditary although many of us might experience the same to varying degrees. Through personal trial and error I have five favourite tips on how to make the most of your lids when you want them to go up and they’re determined to go down!

1. Posture is truly helpful – try and keep your head up when you want to persuade those lids. If your head is down, (phones, iPads, books, everything), and you look up from this position, this will visually enhance the problem.

2. Go for lighter, more ‘brightening’ eyeshadows. Bright, natural shades make lids look bigger (try Origins Ginzing Brightening Shadows, £17.50). But don’t let that stop you doing a wicked smoky eye for evenings. Dark lids, even if they’re not as prominent as they were, are super sexy.

3. Make the most of the facial hair that’s meant to be there – your lashes.  I use RapidLash, £41; it has made my lashes grow to the longest they’ve ever been. Then, use a really good mascara such as Benefit They’re Real, £19.50, to widen and open up your eyes. Don’t forget to let the mascara dry while you look ahead or slightly down so the tips of your lashes don’t leave a line of little black dots under your brows.

4. An inner-rim eye brightening pencil, such as Charlotte Tilbury Eye Cheat, £19, widens my eyes even more.  Apply it just like a kohl pencil to knock out any rim redness and make your eyes look bright and clear.

5. I use a brow growth product (RapidBrow, £37) which really does work to keep my brows full; there is no thinning at all. I have them professionally threaded so they’re very defined and groomed which adds the general impression of a bigger and clearer eye area.”

Genevieve, aged 51.

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