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MAC Flamingo Park

MAC Flamingo Park

MAC Flamingo Park

MAC Flamingo Park

You’ll have to transport yourself to a land of fondant fancies and sugared almonds for the MAC Flamingo Park collection, launching in March which is aall about fantasy, sunny day picnics. I have a few pieces from the collection to show you that sum up the colour mood.

MAC Flamingo Park

MAC Flamingo Park

The two Cremesheen Glass shades are Such Sweeties in a powdery, milky pink and Sweet Tooth in a creamy rose.

MAC Flamingo Park

MAC Flamingo Park

First up for the lipsticks is Flocking Fabulous in a cremesheen and pearl formula, followed by Silly in a bright pink matte shade.

MAC Flamingo Park

MAC Flamingo Park

So here they all are swatched up. MAC Flamingo Park is quite a large collection – 8 lipsticks, 5 Cremesheen Glass, six eyeshadows and a couple of nail shades. Everything works really well together as a whole collection but it’s one of the better MAC outputs for working apart as well. Sometimes when you see a shade, it’s greatly enhanced by the other colours around it in the promo pics and can look a bit sad when it’s alone. But it’s not the case here – all the shades have a bit of impact alone. I don’t have an exact day in March but if I spot it, I will flag it up.

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  1. avra goldenblatt

    Hi there! I have completely stopped receiving your newsletters. Very sad. I don’t know why. I have you in my contacts. And I have re-subcribed to try and fix it. But I can’t seem to get them. Is anyone else having issues? I can’t go a day without reading them. Can you help?

    • Jane

      I’ve been in touch with feedblitz about this and they say “This appears to be a whitelist issue. The subscriber will need to add the following email address to their whitelist of approved senders in both their email service provider as well as any email readers they may be using such as Outlook. The email address to add is: ” – I hope that helps! xx

  2. VT

    So pretty! I love the colors <3

  3. gliterofrachelandbecca

    These look great, need to get my hands on more mac lippies and their products in general.

  4. Avra Goldenblatt

    Hi Jane. Thanks so much for checking in for me. But I did add it. And I tried to do it on another email address that I have but it doesn’t seem to work. I have no idea why this has happened. I have received your emails for years. For now I guess I will just have to come to the site. Thanks! Avra

    • Jane

      I’m really sorry about it.. I am going to have think seriously of changing feed provider because this really isn’t okay but I just don’t know what I can do from this end. x

  5. LilyM

    I’m *much* more interested in the delicious looking tea-time inspired candles! Do they smell as lovely as they look? And where can I get my hands on them? 😉

  6. Leonie

    Hi Jane, would you happen to know we’ll get any blushes in the UK?

    The pictures from several American bloggers look great and I’d really looked forward to purchasing a fair few of the new Flamingo Park blushes, but the collection is now online on the Mac website, and the only blushes listed are existing colours that don’t match the names from American bloggers’ posts.

    Thank you for any information you may have!

    • Jane

      I heard that the blushes for the UK have been cancelled.. ! I honestly don’t know why.. I’ll try and get some more info but the MAC teams are still at various fashion weeks. x

  7. Leonie

    Thanks so much for the response! I had a lady from Mac confirm this today (I didn’t realise they had a chat function on their website – quite useful) Fortunately for me I’ve got friends in the Netherlands, where the blushes are still part of the collection, so I’ve ordered from the Dutch website now. I’m headed that way in a couple of weeks so I’ll have to wait till then. So excited!

  8. The Gossip Darling (@gossipdarling1)

    I absolutely love this collection! I went to Bloomingdales last week and there was a huge event at the MAC counter. I want to pick up a few of these!!

    Mel |

  9. Lubna

    OMG ! I know what I want for my birthday. These look stunning x

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