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The V Steam

Wahanda has shared with us today the secrets of V Steaming – yes, it is what you think it might be – a steaming session for your vajayjay. Known as…
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The London Olympics

I get lots of questions in my timeline on Twitter about what London is like just now – I live close to Greenwich Park where many events are taking place…
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Lola Rose Sunglasses

I’m a little bit in love with Lola Rose sunglasses – primarily a jewellery brand, Lola Rose have segued into accessories in proper style.. these Zebra Print and Leopard Print…
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GOSH BB Creams

Danish brand GOSH are hot on the heels of the BB train with a new collection of five creams that launch in September for £9.99 each at Superdrug. Skincare-wise, they…
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