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Bloggers Do Mascara

Have rounded up some of my favourite beauty bloggers for a speed review of’s what they had to say. put Clinique High Lengths Mascara to the test: I…
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Dr Russo: Tsk Tsk

Searching across the internet for the elusive Dr Russo, ‘Leading Harley Street Derma Surgeon’, who has had more open and shut clinics than Sherlock Holmes had cases, I’ve found several…
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Hello ArtDeco!

Years and years ago I bought an ArtDeco lipstick while visiting the States…I used it down to the very last smudge and have always wanted to replace it – in…
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American Apparel: Beauty Fail

Whoops…despite the rumours of toxicity concerning the withdrawal of the very newly launched American Apparel Nail range, it is apparantly (according to the bottles causing concern rather than the…
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Snowberry Skincare

Firstly, I will defy anyone to find a more visually exciting range than Snowberry, hailing from New Zealand. Using the talents of artist Rob Ryan (whose illustrations have been used…
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Mir Skincare: Review

In an absolute first for me, I was sent some product from a Twitter friend…@MirSkinCare. Mir Skincare focusses on using botanicals to create a gentle, kind to skin range that…
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