[sample] Yes, you read that right! A solid night cream. I’ve followed the progress of this small French brand for a few years and they’ve just been listed by Holland & Barrett. Alex, the brand founder, sent me a solid shampoo to try but I haven’t quite got there yet even though I know bars are the future! If you’re less of a scaredy-cat than me and want to try a shampoo bar (I mean at £6, why not!) I’ll link below as the solid night cream isn’t up on the site yet.

Balade en Provence Solid Night Cream

There is a lot of goodness and heart in Balade en Provence from the use of vegetable ink and compostable packaging to their active employment of people with mental health challenges. All the ingredients are vegan and organic.

Balade en Provence Solid Night Cream

So, to the solid night cream. I would say that it’s probably not what you expect when you think of a solid cream – it’s more, to my mind, a solid balm. The usage is simple – slide it over your skin and as the bar warm it melts into a balmy feeling film. It’s a super simple and effect formula – cocoa seed butter, coconut oil, apricot kernel oil and carnauba wax. I can see this selling extremely well for festivals, holidays and weekends away initially, but I don’t think it will be so long before moisture bars are mainstream. I’m still not sure about bar shampoo! Anyway, they’re HERE along with shave bars so please do take a look.  Lovely brand, light on marketing, heavy on good intention.

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