[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] When I used the original Augustinus Bader The Cream, I really didn’t see a great deal of difference – I mean, a lovely cream and all that but the spectacular results that everyone else seemed to get just didn’t show. But, the more I read about this brand, and the more reviews I take on board, the more I realise that it’s old school in that you need time and patience to see any benefits at all. As a reviewer, I’ve got used to fast results and given how expensive it is, feel bad that I didn’t put the time in. It’s difficult when you have so many products lined up for testing (and I test everything even if only surface) but I’m going to try harder on the oil version.

Augustinus Bader The Face Oil

The brand doesn’t make any bones about being at the luxury end of the market – it started expensive and will stay so – but I’m slightly wobbling at the fact that the top two ingredients in this are jojoba and grape seed oil which aren’t expensive. The difference really – and why patience is key – is that its effects build over time. While your every day moisturiser does it’s thing day in and day out, it’s only really a salve for dry skin, whereas Bader claims that improvements over and above day to day accumulate. Bader is one of the world’s leading stem cell and biomedical scientists so he should know in his sleep how to create formulas for optimal results and I think he could have gone fast track but chose to dose skin over a longer period for better results.

The Face Oil

I swear the last time I was on the Augustinus Bader website a lot was made of the ‘trigger factor complex’ or TFC8 and while it’s still mentioned as an ingredient, the explanation is gone. Maybe because it’s hard to explain (its a driver to guide nutrients directly to cells) and equally hard to understand. Maybe it’s because, like La Mer, it’s enough to say there is a ‘broth’ without being too specific. The point is that devotees go back time and time again, even at the price, citing a more poreless look to skin and a reduction in pigmentation as well as continuous and reliable moisture. There’s a great article, by the way, at The Cut on La Mer conspiracy theories HERE. I do, despite myself, feel very tempted by peer and user recommendations on this product as well as the fact that Bader’s research and work centres around burn healing – one of his formulas helped to eliminate the need for grafts and the beauty products were developed to help fund it.

I’ve surface tested The Face Oil (£180 HERE, non affiliate HERE) and have no complaints – it’s a lightweight oil that sinks in perfectly leaving skin feeling supple, plumped and restored – but do I have one to three months to see the end results? Is there even enough in the bottle for that long? I have questions still about it but I’m hopeful, let’s say. What do you think? Are you happy to shell out or does your BS radar go on high alert?



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