[productsample] I’ve been a fan of Solar Oil for years as a reliable conditioning nail oil that really works. I don’t say that I’m the best at remembering to use it, mind you, but when I do, the effects are noticeable in terms of more flexible, conditioned nails.

CND Solar Oil Rescue Rxx Pen Duo

A pen form of Solar Oil is just genius for someone like me who, despite having a large bottle of it by the side of my bed, lets things blend into the background and become part of the furniture so I never even notice. I’ll keep the in my handbag for those tiresome commutes where there really isn’t anything else to do but attend to my nails. It’s HERE in a duo set with Rescue Rxx which is the version for damaged and moisture lacking nails, while Solar is more for daily conditioning to prevent moisture loss in the first place. The duo set is good value at £16.95 HERE because the usual price of each is £12.95.


My nails have changed so much over the past few years. They’re always quite dry (although strong) so ping off at the merest brush with a hard surface. I’m convinced that 20 years of daily typing hasn’t helped. I rarely wear bright colours any more because a couple of them have developed ridges and it only draws attention to that but I do know that if I was a bit more on top of things with daily conditioning that they’d be better than they are right now.



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