[productsample/affiliatelink] I don’t know how it’s possible for anyone to be more rubbish at applying false lashes (other than the self-glued strips) than me. It’s been known – and I’m not proud – that I’ve thrown them on floor and trodden on them through sheer frustration. But I realise that it’s not as difficult for most (or there’s that outside possibility that some are more patient than me 😉 ) so I went along to the launch of Sweed’s collaboration with Nikki_Makeup (aka makeup artist, Nikki Wolff – a million followers on Instagram and counting) last week with caution.

Sweed Lashes x Nikki_Makeup

Luckily, the brand had some artists there to apply them and honestly, I was absolutely blown away with how natural they look. Suddenly, I had wider eyes and a fuller lash line that looked like I’d been blessed not blasted. It made me miss my lash extensions. I guess the difference is that this collection has had a make-up artist’s input – the things she really needs from lashes rather than just a strip of fur.

Sweed Lashes x Nikki_Makeup

The Cluster Lashes (above), £16, were what I had applied and there was no way to distinguish them from my real lashes other than a bit of length. I understand that if you apply professionally, there shouldn’t be any glue residue or obvious indications that they’re false but even so, these were seamless.

Sweed Lashes x Nikki_Makeup

I’m on safer ground with the Sultry Corner lashes above (£20) but to be honest, they’re just a bit too fluffy for me to consider wearing and despite the extra faffing, the Cluster Lashes are a better option for a me-but-better look. I tried them myself at the weekend (although I tried to sleep so carefully to keep the already applied ones on but by the next day they were on my sheets and not on me) and although it IS fiddly if you’re a novice, it wasn’t quite as difficult as I thought.

I think Sweed lashes are for you if you’re a regular lash wearer (did you know that mascara sales have dropped because so many people are using lashes instead?) and have some experience with application. Especially, the Clusters or the No Lash-Lash (£22) which are individual and used for in-filling or just adding discrete volume. I guess it’s all about practice making perfect. If you’re a beginner with lashes and not blessed with any patience whatsoever, the Sultry Corners are your option, but if you think over the long winter you have time to master a precision application, the result is absolutely beautiful. Regular Sweed lashes are available at Selfridges HERE but the Nikki versions are Harrods only (and not yet on-line) til they launch on Cult on 3rd November.

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