Dior Joy Fragrance

For the first time in my life, I found someone who had bought Dior Joy because they liked the face of it, in this case, Jennifer Lawrence. I think we’ve probably all seen the gorgeous TV advert with Jennifer looking lovely in a pool. It’s great, but that’s not the thing that makes me buy fragrance. It might take me to the fragrance, out of curiosity, make me notice it more, but I can’t think of an occasion where I’d say (about anything), oh, well if so and so is in the ad, that’s me immediately sold. But, my friend had.

Dior Joy Fragrance

Luckily for my friend, it’s a joy of a fragrance – appropriately, given its name. I tend to like the Dior fragrance thread – that trail of familiar notes that runs through a fragrance house – so the odds were on that I’d like this too, and indeed I do. It’s the jasmine that has me, to be honest. Blended with citrus fruit notes it somehow grounds them without allowing them to lose their zest and life, while allowing the rose absolute to blossom. I’d say it’s part milky, part powdery, part soft and part fresh and on me, it changes very little in the wear so what you start with is what you finish with.

The main point of the fragrance is that it’s happy, lively and joyful – true on all counts. While it’s not different enough to count as unique in the market, it’s on a different level to many of the other new mainstream fragrances on offer. You can find it at Escentual HERE for £54.


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