Correct me if I am wrong, but it is only about five moments ago that Superdrug were sponsoring the Be Real Campaign For Body Confidence (actually, two years ago but who’s counting) aiming to champion positive body image – particularly amongst young women.

Superdrug is currently running the #TeamMe campaign to help every Briton become the me they want to be. Teaming up with Rebecca Adlington and Stephanie Reid, it’s all about motivation and inspiration.

Superdrug is so strong on positivity that it has a video on its website called ‘How To Love Your Body’. Here’s a quote: “Instead of focusing your energies on the negatives, accept that we aren’t Barbie and Ken dolls, and learn to love your body for what it is.” Well, quite.

Except, while you’re on a positive body roll, feeling good about yourself, perhaps for the first time in a while, don’t forget to whiten your anus and buy tightening cream for your vagina. Being too positive means that you might not buy any pointless stuff. So, just in case you were a little smug about how great things are, Superdrug are about to start selling a brand (made by a woman… of course!..) designed to pick you up on your intimate insecurities. There is a brightening cream (Lighten It) for the aforementioned, a lifting and tightening cream (Tighten It) and various wipes – refreshing and soothing, from memory, as well as a Micellar Intimate Wash.

There is nothing wrong with self-care – wherever you want to do it – but there’s really something wrong with reinforcing the view that any woman needs to be whitened or brightened or lifted or tightened. It’s so enormously unhelpful and not one single gyneacologist or therapist across the land will tell you any of these things are necessary for a happy life. What’s necessary for a happy life is not to be reminded about all the things about you that someone else says needs improving for reasons not given or known. Especially, as a lot of Superdrug’s customers are, you are a young woman and just starting your awareness journey with your body.

There are no penis brightening wipes, no testicle lifting and tightening gel and certainly no man micellar. That tells you all you need to know about the economy of body shaming. The brand creator says, “Our aim is to empower women to feel more body confident and ready to play rather than feel embarrassed about buying a product to fix a problem.” The problem here, my friend, is you. It’s made ‘for women by women’ and for the first time in my life I am saying YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US.

NB: I’ve heard this morning from Superdrug representatives that they’re NOT taking the whitening and tightening creams but will take the wipes and wash although my information directly from the brand was pretty clear that the full range would be available.  This is better news but its sanctioning by stealth stocking this brand at all. 

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