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Last week I had the worst week – so many things went wrong it was unbelievable but one of the very good things that happened was that I met with Henrietta Norton, a nutritional therapist. I’m a supplement enthusiast – if someone tells me they’re taking a supplement that is working for them, I’m on it straight away. Consequently, I have a fat handful to take every day, based on no expertise whatsoever – just hope. So, you can imagine that seeing someone who knows exactly what they’re talking about was an absolute revelation!

Wild Nutrition

Turns out that I’m doing broadly the right things but doubling up on some – I take Good Hair and Imedeen so instead of a full dose of both, I take a half dose instead to balance things out. There’s also a big difference in absorption between food grown supplements, that the body recognises and knows what to do with, and poor quality supplements that can often have petrochemicals at the back of them that the body doesn’t recognise and wants to eliminate – hence all the jokes about vitamins just producing expensive wee rather than doing anything much to your health. Henrietta advised that I continue with the Omega 3s that I take, but to stop the Vitamin D and NN12 and swap over to Wild Nutrition B Complex and Vitamin D as well as adding Magnesium (take these at night) and a Multi Strain Biotic.

Wild Nutrition

It makes sense, of course, to take vitamins that your body can utilize properly than ones that it can’t. Diet plays a big part in wellness – again, I’m broadly doing the right things and Henrietta advocates between 13-16 hours of fasting a day which is something that more often than not, I do naturally by eating early in the evenings and not snacking later on. One of the biggest things I learned was to listen to my body regarding food. I have never naturally taken to breakfast which is fine, but from some weird conditioning feel I have to wait to lunch time to eat anything even if I haven’t had anything. Henrietta’s advice was to eat when I’m hungry – naturally about 11-12 – and eat proper food rather than breakfasty stuff; so if ‘lunch’ falls at 11 then so be it. So far, this is really working for me even if I have to quiet the voice that says houmous, salad and pitta bread is all wrong at that time of day!

Seeing her has made me think a bit more carefully about not just gobbling up any old supplements because a friend says they work and fine-tuning what I’m taking to be more efficient. I also loved that she didn’t try to convert me round to her brand but just gave good, solid advice that I’m taking and more than happy to buy into Wild where necessary. There is no doubt that Wild Nutrition is more expensive than other supplements – B Complex is £22 for example, while Magnesium is £16 but to be honest, I’d rather chuck an extra tenner at something for it to be the best and more crucially, for it to be thoroughly effective. I’m now eyeing up the Cognitive Function supplements since one of the things that went wrong last week from a whole list of many was that I took the wrong train home, ended up in the middle of nowhere and then took the wrong train back again and ended up at London Bridge, extending a 20 minute journey into an excruciating hour and a half.

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