Doing the rounds on social is a new product line from Scandinavia – Perfect V – that’s all about caring for your intimate area. It includes a highlighter. Before you go, ‘what in the what say’, ranges – including anti-ageing lines – for this part of your body isn’t new. I went to a beauty expo in Paris at least six or seven years ago where I first saw a full anti-ageing line, including serum, specifically for what was termed by the founder as ‘your intimacy’. I’ve now seen this type of product develop into a specialist category – Gynaeco-Cosmetics.

In Paris, I was with my friend Hilary, then owner of a successful beauty e-tail site, and we were scouting for new brands. At the time, we were absolutely mystified by anti-ageing below the waist – we thought perhaps it was because we weren’t French that the idea of dedicating an entire product line in case of premature sagging or goodness knows what to one area other than the face was an anathema. I have to admit to some very hilarious, rib cracking moments because sometimes only humour will do in the face of an in-depth explanation of how to enliven and perk up your labia without once using the word vagina.

I’ll tell you where that brand is popular according to its founder. The Middle East. Where it’s hot, hot, hot all of the time and personal hygiene is possibly harder to maintain so there is more of a focus – I don’t know, I’m guessing.

The issues around this type of product are problematic. On the one hand, it raises all sorts of questions about being over-focussed, pressured and raising insecurity about a part of the body many women already worry about. On the other hand, you can do as you please with your body and if paying the same attention to that part of your body as you do to your face makes you happy then you’re well within your personal rights to do it and not have to answer to anyone on it.

What’s different about Perfect V is the implication that your ‘V’ should be perfect (or can be made ‘perfect’) and that it includes a highlighter – a first in Gynaeco-Cosmetics I believe. I’m laughing about the highlighter – not least because the contortions and lighting needed to check that all is contoured to chiselled heaven or glowing in all the right places… I can’t even.

I should point out that Perfect V is a product made for women by women.


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