Finally, I had the chance to see the new range from Tom Ford today. It is a fully  comprehensive line with foundations, a primer, concealers, eye quads, liners, glosses, blush, mascara and some skin care. Later down the line there will be nail polish. I’ve got to say that I loved’s beautifully edited with wearable shades, gorgeous formulas and something for everyone.

I totally fell for the Eye Color Quad in Burnished Amber that has a reddish quality to it – very exciting to wear. It is looking a little bit too pink in this picture but it’s the only one I have so you’ll have to imagine it a tone or two down and little bit more burnished.

Other things that really caught my eye are the Brow Sculptor; a cleverly designed gadget-make up hybrid, and the Shade & Illuminate palette for contouring. Shade & Illuminate textures are ultra-creamy and with the right brush, easy to use. Tom Ford makes a focus of symmetry and the Shade & Illuminate is designed to illustrate that – although I love the product, that’s the one thing I didn’t really get. Nobody has a symmetrical face, so let’s not pretend that some contouring shades will make one eye the same size as another, or turn eyebrows into twins, not sisters. In fact, the fantasy of perfection is something that’s just always difficult to turn into a reality. Great to aspire, but let’s keep it real.

Brow Sculptor with angled edge

Unscrew the bottom end and there is a blade to sharpen the edge

AND, a brow brush for the grand finale!
Shade & Illuminate

Shade & Illuminate swatched

There are some new lipsticks coming into the existing lipstick line-up – and as you’d expect, full on pigmented colour-shocks! There is, however, to balance, a really good selection of nudes. 

From the furthest away: Black Orchid, Violet Fatale (new), Cherry Lush,  not sure what the pink one is!, Pink Adobe (new). And forgive the quality of the photo.. it does look like I’ve swatched on an uncooked sausage.
The gorgeous blush that everyone fell in love with!

And a quick swatch.

Prices are steep – this is a luxurious brand that makes no bones about it. The Quads are £62, Shade & Illuminate £55, Lipsticks £36, Brow Pencil, £30. All in all, it is a stunner of a range – and really there will be something to make everyone happy. It launches into Selfridges, Harrods and Harvey Nichols on 3rd September and then to all other Tom Ford Private Blend counters on 3rd of October. 

There are so many facets to the collection and I will review in more detail as time goes on.

*all products are sent to me as samples from brands and agencies unless otherwise stated. Affiliate links may be used. Posts are not affiliate driven.


  1. It looks like he changed the package from what I saw earlier this summer.

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  2. Clapping at the sight of that coral blush. Just wondering BB are there many shades in the foundation or will darker skin tones feel left out??

  3. The products look good,and for that price they should be, but really, you’re just paying for the packaging and the name. There is nothing there that you couldn’t find on the Armani, Nars or Chanel counters, for cheaper. When Armani and Chanel are the cheaper alternatives, you know something is too expensive!

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Okay, well here it is. The Tom Ford Beauty Range as seen on
It’s looking every inch the sleek and covetable collection we were expecting it to be. Expect to see a full make up line up with skin care, including lush sounding treats such as Traceless Foundation Stick, Illuminating Protective Primer (yes, please!), Purifying Creme Cleanser and Infusion Concentrate Extreme. Unusually (although back in the day it was quite normal) Tom Ford himself appears in the ads. Not sure it was his best idea and in fact, the ad looks very much at odds with the actual product to me. So, what does everyone think? I’m really not sure when it is launching – roughly September I expect – and I don’t have price points, but it will be priced for the luxury sector. 

Picture Credit: Thomas Lannaconne &
Picture Credit: Courtesy Photo.

*all products are sent to me as samples from brands and agencies unless otherwise stated. Affiliate links may be used. Posts are not affiliate driven.


  1. i saw it this morning on another beauty website, looks really nice and i love the change in packaging from white to brown/mahogany

  2. I am so excited about the products, but the packaging? It looks like something Elizabeth Arden would have brought out. In the 80’s. I love the packaging of the lipsticks, but the rest is pretty dull. 🙁
    Can’t wait to actually try the products though!

  3. Well….I find his lipsticks unremarkable, especially given that at similar prices points – or actually less – YSL and Chanel are so much better. I don’t expect much from his new line.

  4. I really love the design! Really makes sure it stands out amongst the sea of black /silver packaging other brands go for! It’s not very youthful or fun but does it need to be? Most importantly it looks expensive which it obviously will be. His lipsticks are nothing short of quality so i have high expectations for the rest….. hopefully they have some colours for dark skins though!!

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