I’m often confused by the fragrance world, and do end up feeling that maybe I’m one of the few that ‘just doesn’t get it’. I see other people’s reviews of some perfumes that I’ve sampled and wonder how I missed all the nuances of lemon peel, antelope whispers and rainbow drops, when clearly they were so obvious. So, I’m truly intrigued at the news that the Sun is to produce a fragrance called Buzz – which I’m assuming will co-incide with the launch of their new magazine, which probably will have the same name. But, I’m just wondering how anyone sums up The Sun in a fragrance. Essence of Dear Deirdre, bottom notes of Mystic Meg? A few drops of nubile 38DD-24-34 Page 3 Stunna perhaps? And I hope there’s at least a little bit of Captain Crunch in there, because that’s my favourite bit of the paper. The thing that I’m truly surprised about is that Roja Dove, a fairly esteemed perfumier has created the scent. This would be like the fashion equivalent of Chanel collaborating with New Look. It’s the kind of thing that just never happens. It’s certainly creating waves in the beauty world with the news being greeted with incredulity (and, it has to be said, a fair amount of amusement). What does make a reputable nose collaborate with such an unlikely partner whose headlines today include The Shih-Tzu Hits The Fan, and Beware Knicker Nickers? How the heck do you bottle that – and why would you want to? Answers on a pre-paid post card, please, addressed to Busty Blogger In Baffle Drama.

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