I’m very excited to find on the Icelandic website of my favourite beauty brand, BioEffect, a brand new product in the form of EGF Day Lotion. I use EFG Serum every single day and have done since I first got a sample it so can’t really praise it highly enough.

If you aren’t familiar with it, BioEffect Serum stimulates cell activators (when you’re young you have loads of these, and as you age they diminish and they provide collagen and elastin to the skin) and it has made a very noticable difference to my skin. Other than trying out a few lotions and potions in the line of duty, BioEffect is pretty well all I use on a day to day basis and apart from in the depths of winter, I don’t really even need to use a night cream as it keeps my complexion pretty hydrated with two drops in the morning and two at night. 

I do remember though, when I first came across it, one of the big selling points for me was that you didn’t need anything else at all, no eye creams, no night cream, no day cream and no serums (you do need to add SPF though). So, it is a little bit of a surprise to find that there is a day lotion (and no doubt a night lotion to come) on the horizon. 

If I was cynical I might suspect a cash-in, but I have to admit that I want to try it and if it makes the effects of BioEffect even better, I’m hardly going to complain! From what I can gather, you then only use the serum at night and switch to the day lotion in the morning. I’m not sure when it launches in the UK as Google Translate is throwing all sorts of confusions into the info I’ve tried to get from the Icelandic site..including *primary eve hens* which I’m pretty sure have nothing to do with the lotion! 

I’ll keep you posted.

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