Ok, I’ll admit to being extremely suprised at how good this range actually is. I’ve avoided Pantene like the plague since reading (years ago, admitedly) that it is devilishly difficult to rinse out of your hair. However, not so Aqua Light. In fact, it is extraordinarily easy to rinse – which is just as well, because as far as the shampoo goes, a little goes an extremely long way. With London water so hard it is virtually solid, I’m used to having to use more than the average amount of shampoo to get any lather; using Aqua Light in the same dose as my normal shampoos left me with a gigantic foam head, so the lesson there is that you don’t need much!

The sciency facts of the formulation are ditching vast amounts of silicone, and using ingredients that don’t hang on for dear life to hair. The main ingredient alchemy that you will notice the effect of is the choice of ingredients that stay liquid at room temperature – and don’t ‘solidify’ once your hair has dried – and presumably meaning the death of that kind of waxy residue that makes your hair look and feel blah.

Anyway, the whole lot is impressive – it behaves like a range that is far more expensive than it actually is (Aqua Light Shampoo is £2.55), and that’s always good.

I’m totally not interested in the fact that Cat Deely is the poster girl, in the same way that seeing Davina doesn’t make me want to rush out and dye my hair. This is one of the very few ranges that, in my view, would sell on performance alone with out the need for sleb endorsements.

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