I’ve been meaning to post about this gorgeous shimmer for weeks, but it keeps getting pushed to the back of the pile, which it shouldn’t. It’s a super-silky powder in a retro-style bottle with puffer that expels the most delicate mist of glitter I’ve ever seen. I hate glitter chunks – and my current bug-bear is the ridiculous use of sparkle in ‘radiance enhancing products’. Errr, glittery does not mean radiant, beauty people. It means a cheap ingredient and a big fat fib. However, back on message again! this shimmer has such a light touch that it disperses sparkles beautifully without you being mistaken for a tree ornament. Love it on shoulders, arms – even bare legs in summer – and it is absolutely gorgeous on hair, but please, nowhere near the face! It costs £47.50 which seems a lot, but given that it is visually lovely and a real dressing table decoration, and it is scented delicately with violets, I really think it’s worth the investment if you love glamorous make up.

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