Hmm, you know when something really nice happens for one of your friends and you could not be more pleased? Well, that. For those of you who follow me on Twitter, Lee is @groomingguru and has a blog of the same name HERE. We’ve been friends for ages and Lee was one of the first grooming writers to start a blog. So, as well as being able to advise on the perfect shave, the manliest moisturisers and the friendliest places for a back, sack and crack, he’s also pretty damn hot, as it turns out, in devising man-menus for complete relaxation. In my experience, men aren’t as good at the down-time as women and creating treatments that won’t have them running with fear is rather skilled because it involves both practicality and purpose.

So, the Inter-Con is actually one of my favourite hotels in London because it has an amazing cinema suite – yes, that’s a suite with its own cinema in it. I’ve always thought if I had a party, that’s where I’d like it to be. Just because it’s kinda the ultimate lavishment. Friends could bring their own pop-corn.. I’m not that generous. But, the Spa is a place of utter bliss. Find it HERE

The Pit-Stop treatments include The Instant Energiser, £60, with a 40 minute energizing Facial to invigorate tired skin and then the joy of a power nap on the dry floatation bed. Also, The Post-Business Pit-Stop, £90, that focuses on deep tissue massage on the neck and shoulders to properly shrug off the exec-stress. Or, the Pre-Date Perfection (which, when I am Prime Minister of Beauty will be actually compulsory), £180, that incorporates a facial, top-to-toe body scrub, mini mani and pedi, spot waxing for small areas such as ear, nose and brow and a lip treatment. And those are just a few of the boy-beautifiers on offer. Anyone can fling together a tired old massage menu, but not everyone can make  treatments meaningful and efficacious. Oh, and you don’t have to be a resident to book a treatment.

So, because I know Lee is the loungiest of lizards, each one will be tested exhaustively to see if it’s ticking the boxes. No wonder I haven’t seen him for months. Read his post about creating the menu HERE

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