Industry insider organisation, Cosmetic Executive Woman (UK), has nominated Joan Collins OBE as a lifetime achiever. Why? They say, ‘Because she is one of usShe takes care of her skin, she loves makeup and she keeps her face out of the sun.”  I say, “Because she’s in her late seventies, is still the epitome of glamour, has never submitted to dowdy and has that coveted air of elegance that age cannot touch.”

But, Joan is also completely no-nonsense about cosmetic brands and doesn’t hold the view that a cosmetic cream will change your life. She disapproves of airbrushing as a beauty sales tactic and completely understands that if you want to have a cellulite free body, you’ll have to live by certain diet rules probably all your life.”

In a feature she wrote for the Daily Mail in February 2010 she says, “I raise an even more cynical eyebrow when I see glossy magazine advertisements of gorgeous 20-something models recommending and extolling the virtues of anti-ageing creams. Who do they think they are kidding? Are the big cosmetic companies convinced that the average woman is deluded enough to believe the perposterous claims in their advertising? Or is it just that youth sells everything today, so let’s show pure youthful beauty and let the poor fool who buys the product think that she, too, could like like the model if she used the product.”

It’s going to be a very interesting award acceptance speech from the beauty industry, then. 

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