Well, there’s no easy way to tackle the topic of skin whitening for lady parts, but this Huffington Post feature here picked up news of a feminine hygiene product from India, said to brighten the intimate area by many shades. Fair & Lovely Clean & Dry Intimate Wash has spread horror across the internet at the very idea that anybody would need a ‘brighter’ vagina. My views on skin bleaching and whitening are clear; there is no need for it but I know that’s easy to say when I am not submerged in a culture where skin whitening is common. There is a whole shedload of issues all rolled up in this one product, because you don’t actually really even need a feminine wash; the ad just dives on into a million and one insecurities about the female body and at the same time keys into all sorts of ethnicity issues. Way to go.. one tiny product causes so much trouble.
But all that said, who has the time? Seriously? I have enough trouble keeping my face looking half decent and it strikes me that if you’ve really sat down and considered that your vagina needs a brightening treatment, you just have far, far too much time on your hands. 
It’s the first time I have heard of a ‘brightener’ for that area, but at one beauty trade show, when I was looking for brands to bring onto a retail site I was working for I came across an entire range, including wash, moisturiser and soothing balm for what was excruciatingly referred to the entire way through the pitch as your ‘intimacy’. The range also now includes a Protective Haze to ‘neutralize the friction of synthetic lingerie’. What..really? The one product I did think was a great idea was a pack of wipes, ph balanced and freshening without chemicals (thinking for flights here, or even for women who live in extremely hot countries) but they are now bafflingly discontinued. 
It seems the beauty industry is determined to refresh the parts that other products can’t and unless we make sure that we don’t actually buy into yet another body insecurity formulated by fiction, they might actually just do it.

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