Long Hot Water Bottle

I almost have no words for the YuYu London Long Hot Water Bottle! It’s one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen – why did nobody think of this before?

Growing up in Scotland (with ice on the inside of the windows absolutely as standard during winter), hot water bottles were essentials. I can remember that at about 8pm my mum would fill the hot water bottles and one of us would be set to distribute them round the beds so the beds could warm up before we got in them. And then, the sheer joy of getting into a bed with a warm bit to lie on. It was so nice.

Long Hot Water Bottle
Long Hot Water Bottle

I never took to electric blankets at all, so we’ve always had an assortment of hotties in the house. The YuYu Bottle, as you can see, is long – 85cm – and flexible even with water in it, so you can have it where you like and it won’t be just a case of a hot tummy or a hot back; you get an even spread of heat if you want. As someone who gets cold legs, this is such a bonus!

As you can see, it even looks pretty (although I did think of an eel when it first came out of the box). It only takes one kettle just like a standard hottie to fill it up (I’ve tested it), and the knit covers are cashmere blend, cashmere, or fleece. The most purse friendly option is the fleece version at £33; cashmere shoots up to around £159 but they’re the ones out of stock so it looks like it’s not putting anyone off! The one I’ve shown is a cashmere blend at £69 HERE.

Even if this doesn’t tempt you, you must look at the Warm Worms – the kids’ version, HERE.


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