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Ok, Its Not Strictly Beauty…

Ok, Its Not Strictly Beauty...
But for anyone with a passing interest in handbags, this book – Bringing Home The Birkin – is a must-read. Author, Michael Tonello found the ultimate golden ticket – a way to skirt round the infamous waitlist at Hermes for the world’s most wanted handbag – The Birkin. With wealthy clients, luxury travel and some... Read More

You Can Look…

You Can Look...
But here’s another one that us Brits can’t touch unless we hotfoot it to the States. Coach make beautiful leather bags and inexplicably they don’t retail over here. However, while the bags are exquisite, so is the more recent Coach beauty round up, including this bottle of fragrance. I almost don’t care how it smells;... Read More

Supersoft Skin

Supersoft Skin
I’ve been a fan of AD Skin Synergy for years….this oil is such a treat for skin and literally packed with goodness. I can hardly list all the ingredients that go into this wonder oil but here are a few: organic rosehip seed oil, organic rose (high altitude), organic roman chamomile, organic lavender, palmarosa, neroli,... Read More

Suspect Package

Suspect Package
Thank you to my pals at Soap & Glory for sending out press boxes with the above sticker next to my address label. Guys, A) I don’t think the delivery man knows that Sexy Mother Pucker is a lip gloss, and B) Anything with the word SEXUAL slapped across your parcel isn’t good. His look... Read More


Thank you to the impossibly glamorous Jetsetgirls ( and gorgeous JessG at Cult Beauty ( for tagging me…….I can’t really work out how to tag back so hopefully my thanks and a namecheck will do instead!

Stay Out Cold

Having put the icy Play & Rewind (see several blogs down) to the test, I can report that it failed totally on a technical issue – in that it didn’t cool down as it was meant to. You only get one go at it so I’ll never know whether a frozen face would have been... Read More

Good To Be Clear

Good To Be Clear
There can’t be any doubt what these supplements I found on an Italian website are for. You can check out their even clearer advertising imagary on Probably not when you’re having breakfast.