Hangout With The New Tesco Beauty Experts #Spons

Tesco Beauty Gurus

This is very exciting news for beauty fans – Tesco’s new team of beauty experts cover off make-up, hair and skincare in a brand new, on-line consultation service. One of the frustrations of watching your favourite beauty guru on YouTube … Read more

L’Oreal Paris Flower Boheme Top Coats

L'Oreal Paris Flower Boheme

There’s plenty of newness on its way from L’Oreal, but starting with the L’Oreal Paris Flower Boheme Top Coats – although flowery top coats aren’t new (Nails Inc as usual leading the way), these are really pretty. I’m fast forwarding to … Read more

Purair Air Purifying Spray

1001 Remedies PurAir

As someone who is so fearful of being ill that I’d happily Dettol down everyone that I ever come into contact with, I am all over the Purair Air Purifying Spray. It has to be more socially acceptable to spritz air … Read more

House of Glam Dolls Deep Tone Glam Base

House of Glam Dolls

As promised, David Horne has released a multi-purpose wheel for darker tones. The House of Glam Dolls Deep Tone Glam Base is multi-purpose; it’s explained in detail on the site but there’s pretty much nothing it won’t do for, including creating … Read more